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5 Jobs for English Degrees You Never Knew Existed


It was May. University was out forever and I was looking for an apartment. A mole-like woman in her fifties showed me the room. “And what was your major,” she asked. “I have an English degree,” I said.

“Oh!, so I guess that means you will HAVE to teach!” She said.

She was so happy when she said it. She was so happy to determine my fate. You studied English. Now, you HAVE to teach at high school.

english degree jobs

Wizard school is over. Time to find a job in the real world, Harry.

As she told me later, she also took an English degree and taught at high school. Teaching at high school is an honourable profession. But just because you take an English degree doesn’t mean your only option is teaching.

I managed to escape that woman’s narrow thinking. You can too.

Here are 5 lucrative and growing jobs for people with English degrees that you probably haven’t heard of before.


30 Things to Help You Find a Job With Your BA, MA, or PhD


1. This book to help you to not be intimidated by business majors.

2. This career book.

3. This article to help you understand how to sell your liberal arts degree to employers.

4.  This basic tutorial to help you learn a bit of Excel. Not knowing Excel in the non-academic world is like not knowing how to use a word processer in academia. A little preparation goes a long way.


And the Winner Is . . . The Best Reader Advice for English Majors

Last month, Selloutyoursoul.com launched a simple contest. Readers were asked to share the “best advice or lesson they’ve learned trying to find a career with a humanities degree.”

I really encourage you to check out the full response. There were really some insightful, knowledgable, and unique answers that will help you if you are searching for a job with your humanities degree.


non academic jobs


Here is the winner of the $20. Without wanting to sound cliche, it was hard to pick the best answer. A lot of experience was shared. But I picked this answer because I think it is the first and most important breakthrough you need to experience if you are to find a job outside of academia with your BA, MA, or PhD. Everything remains in limbo until you realize this basic truth.


[Interview] How to become a self-employed PhD

The word Entrepreneur. It probably makes many academics shake. I was always attracted to an academic career because of  lifelong job security, quiet campus hallways, and a comfortable cheque appearing magically every month.

This interview offers advice from a PhD who left the security of tenure and launched her own successful business.


The 9 Most Useless Things I Learned At Grad School


What are the most useless things you learned at grad school? Here are nine of the stupidest things they taught me, plus I call Harold Bloom an overeducated asshole.  (more…)