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Can Social Media Really Get You a Job?


Yes, of course it can. Last summer, I got a job offer on LinkedIn which led to my new current job. In the past six months, two other employers have contacted me (one for a permanent job; the other for freelance work).

Twitter is excellent for demonstrating skills and knowledge. LinkedIn is amazing for finding job postings. Many employers use social media religiously to evaluate candidates before and after the interview process. 

Sold? Here are a few solid steps you need to take. These tips come from Samantha Stauf. You can follow her on Twitter here


The Four Categories of Skills – Which Career Direction Will You Take?


Last month, I launched a 14-day course about skill developing and choosing the right career path. Below is a sample of a lesson. If you find value in it, you can join my email list (below and at the bottom of the page) and you’ll be notified when the free course is available again.


How to Pick a Career You Love: 5 Quick Techniques


I recently ran a free email course about picking careers and skill development. I’m about to collect feedback from the first participants and then will make the course available for free on my website. If you want to get the course when it is ready, just sign-up for my email list (on the left).

pick a career

Here’s a few techniques I shared in the course as well as a few other helpful sites for job searchers.

This is just a quick post. I will post more on the topic when I have time.


How to stop wasting time and focus on building a profitable skill


Over the last few months, I’ve been unhappy with my skill development. I have lots of interests and passions. And while I work around 50 hours a week and have a satisfying career, I always have that nagging feeling of things I’m not accomplishing.

For example, there is a course I really want to take. This course is advanced and I know will help my career. But it requires me to invest a few nights per week, so I put it off. Yet, every month I delay I still think about that course, wonder what I would have learned, and feel like I need to sign-up.

Here is what I believe essential to happiness at work and the things I think I can do to feel more satisfied and fulfilled. (more…)

5 Jobs for English Degrees You Never Knew Existed


It was May. University was out forever and I was looking for an apartment. A mole-like woman in her fifties showed me the room. “And what was your major,” she asked. “I have an English degree,” I said.

“Oh!, so I guess that means you will HAVE to teach!” She said.

She was so happy when she said it. She was so happy to determine my fate. You studied English. Now, you HAVE to teach at high school.

english degree jobs

Wizard school is over. Time to find a job in the real world, Harry.

As she told me later, she also took an English degree and taught at high school. Teaching at high school is an honourable profession. But just because you take an English degree doesn’t mean your only option is teaching.

I managed to escape that woman’s narrow thinking. You can too.

Here are 5 lucrative and growing jobs for people with English degrees that you probably haven’t heard of before.


How to Get Out of Your Dead End Job


This article offers seven rock-solid ways to help you get out of your dead-end job. It is based on personal experience and contains advice I’ve learned from successful people who worked their way up into careers from dead-end jobs.

how to get out of a dead-end job


30 Things to Help You Find a Job With Your BA, MA, or PhD


1. This book to help you to not be intimidated by business majors.

2. This career book.

3. This article to help you understand how to sell your liberal arts degree to employers.

4.  This basic tutorial to help you learn a bit of Excel. Not knowing Excel in the non-academic world is like not knowing how to use a word processer in academia. A little preparation goes a long way.


And the Winner Is . . . The Best Reader Advice for English Majors

Last month, Selloutyoursoul.com launched a simple contest. Readers were asked to share the “best advice or lesson they’ve learned trying to find a career with a humanities degree.”

I really encourage you to check out the full response. There were really some insightful, knowledgable, and unique answers that will help you if you are searching for a job with your humanities degree.


non academic jobs


Here is the winner of the $20. Without wanting to sound cliche, it was hard to pick the best answer. A lot of experience was shared. But I picked this answer because I think it is the first and most important breakthrough you need to experience if you are to find a job outside of academia with your BA, MA, or PhD. Everything remains in limbo until you realize this basic truth.


‘A Year From Now You Will Wish You Started Today’

Last month, I began to write a novel. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. It’s one of my life goals. And year after year, I kept on delaying. Even my Master’s degree was a delay. I thought learning about fiction was a good way to become a writer. Except I never wrote much.

It’s hard to write. You write embarrassing prose. Your story sucks. Your dialogue is friggen terrible. You feel immature.

This is why most people don’t start things: because the beginning is the hardest part of the climb.


35 Awesome Jobs for English Majors


The internet’s biggest and updated exhaustive list of the best jobs for English majors and other humanities degrees (BA, MA, and PhD). Last updated in 2015. 

After you finish this post, I also wrote an article about 5 emerging careers most humanities majors don’t know about and published a very helpful interview and article called, the Ultimate Guide to English Major Careers here.

Finally, after struggling for two years, I share my advanced advice and practical steps in my eBook, which lays out a 18-week practical roadmap and shows you how to market your degree to employers.

Let’s go through this long list of jobs.

It was April. My last month at graduate school. I was walking through the bright library searching for books to help me find a career with my English degrees (BA and MA in English). It seemed grim. Where do English majors end up after graduation? Teach? A proofreader?  Teach?