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I Crave the Absence of Functionality


They never had enough to fulfill  us.

Our parents went to university to escape the factory. But when we came, the factory was gone. We never considered it. And so, the defining choice of our generation wasn’t if we’d go to university. Of course we’d go. The question was–how good would we decide to be at it?


‘Literary theories recede like a spent wave': the risk of PhD specialization

Today, a reader left a valuable comment on an older post of mine. I thought that I would share it.

In the comment, the reader shares his or her personal story about  the danger of specialization in PhD programs. Literary theories and department trends come and go–leaving the PhD student to put down a five year bet on which scholarly trend will win.

Victory means an average job, teaching at some college. Losing means a dissertation topic hiring committees scoff at and no job at the end of your program, a miserable bet. In academia, grad students pay the ultimate price for scholarly fads–their careers.


The 9 Most Useless Things I Learned At Grad School


What are the most useless things you learned at grad school? Here are nine of the stupidest things they taught me, plus I call Harold Bloom an overeducated asshole.  (more…)

Future of Grads and Value of Higher Education

“Ph.D. in English Useless Destroyed My Life”: A Selloutyoursoul Reader Writes In


Why a Ph.D in English is false advertising and how to rebuild your career and find meaning outside of academic jobs. This article talks about some of the grad school cliche students I’ve met and why new thinking is needed in order to reform higher education in the humanities. (more…)

What is getting a Ph.D. really like? The purgatory of grad school

This article talks about whether doing a Ph.D. is worth it. Graduate students self-inflict the purgatory of staying around campus years after all of their cohorts have left to pursue family, jobs, and careers. (more…)