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The Best Non Academic Blogs to Read in 2012

Last year, I posted about the ten best non academic blogs to read in 2011. Not wanting to be outdone by my former self, I’ve created a new list of non academic blogs to read in 2012.


Adapting Your Academic Skills To the Real World: Passion Versus Money

What compromise can you make to join your passion to your job?

Last month, I had my photograph taken at a professional studio. Inside the small industrial bathroom, the walls were covered with avant-garde photographs. The waiting room was also filled with artsy magazines about photography.


PhD in English? What the F%$@#K! have you been doing for the last ten years?


Here is a strategy to land jobs with your PhD outside of academia. It covers some of the common mistakes made by PhD’s looking for alternative careers, and how to sell the value of yourself, not your PhD, in nonacademic job interviews. (more…)

Leaving academia. Or should you stay and save it?

This article talks about two posts, “Because: A Manifesto” and “Living What I Teach. Or Trying” which offered different manifestos about leaving academia. It tries to help you with the decision of whether you should stay or leave academia. (more…)

10 Essential Non Academic Blogs To Watch in 2011


The ten essential blogs for non academics. The road to non academic careers for MAs and PhDs is hard. These fine authors will help you down that road, giving tips and community support. (more…)