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Work, Freedom, and Finding a Non-Academic Job Beyond Abstract Skills


In the bowels of America’s heartland, a lone truck is leaving a parking lot in the early morning. Inside, a poet. He will work a few years, drifting into factories, roaring a chainsaw above a lake, and helping the men tear roads through America with giant machines. He will work. And you will hear about all of these wayward jobs in his later chapbooks; solemn hymns of the banality of manual labor, the idiocy of money, and dreariness of not being able to read all day.

‘Poets have to dream,’ says Saul Bellow, ‘and dreaming in America is no cinch.’


30 Things to Help You Find a Job With Your BA, MA, or PhD


1. This book to help you to not be intimidated by business majors.

2. This career book.

3. This article to help you understand how to sell your liberal arts degree to employers.

4.  This basic tutorial to help you learn a bit of Excel. Not knowing Excel in the non-academic world is like not knowing how to use a word processer in academia. A little preparation goes a long way.


[Interview] How to become a self-employed PhD

The word Entrepreneur. It probably makes many academics shake. I was always attracted to an academic career because of  lifelong job security, quiet campus hallways, and a comfortable cheque appearing magically every month.

This interview offers advice from a PhD who left the security of tenure and launched her own successful business.


$20 for the Best Answer to This Question


It’s April. You know, the cruellest month for English majors. Time to leave the archive, graduate, and move on.

This blog has heard a lot of my voice. Now, it’s your turn. And there’s a little money in it for you.


[Job Posting for PhDs] Apply to these 13 PhD Job Openings in Government and Non-Profit

This email came across my desk this morning and so I wanted to share it. The ACLS Public Fellows program will place 13 recent PhDs from the humanities and humanistic social sciences  in two-year staff positions at partnering organizations in government and the nonprofit sector. Applications must be submitted by March 21st. Details are below.