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Is an English Degree a Waste of Time?


Not an easy question to answer. Looking back, I’m not sure I would take this path again. At the same time, though, there is something to be said about the soft skills taught in the humanities. Below, I’ve reproduced a comment I found online. It is from an English major that found value in his degree.

The comment reinforces my personal belief that English majors can definitely find work in the real world. But it requires adapting and evolving your skill-set into the world of business and profit. While the context is different (the English major below started his career many years ago in a different economy), I think that most of what he says is true today.

Here is a story about a successful English major with some really excellent and timeless career advice . . .


And the Winner Is . . . The Best Reader Advice for English Majors

Last month, launched a simple contest. Readers were asked to share the “best advice or lesson they’ve learned trying to find a career with a humanities degree.”

I really encourage you to check out the full response. There were really some insightful, knowledgable, and unique answers that will help you if you are searching for a job with your humanities degree.


non academic jobs


Here is the winner of the $20. Without wanting to sound cliche, it was hard to pick the best answer. A lot of experience was shared. But I picked this answer because I think it is the first and most important breakthrough you need to experience if you are to find a job outside of academia with your BA, MA, or PhD. Everything remains in limbo until you realize this basic truth.


35 Awesome Jobs for English Majors


The internet’s biggest and updated exhaustive list of the best jobs for English majors and other humanities degrees (BA, MA, and PhD). Last updated in 2015. 

After you finish this post, I also wrote an article about 5 emerging careers most humanities majors don’t know about and published a very helpful interview and article called, the Ultimate Guide to English Major Careers here.

Finally, after struggling for two years, I share my advanced advice and practical steps in my eBook, which lays out a 18-week practical roadmap and shows you how to market your degree to employers.

Let’s go through this long list of jobs.

It was April. My last month at graduate school. I was walking through the bright library searching for books to help me find a career with my English degrees (BA and MA in English). It seemed grim. Where do English majors end up after graduation? Teach? A proofreader?  Teach?


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About the 126 Day Challenge 

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A Simple Way To Speed Up Your Humanities Career Search

Career searches for humanities grads can take years (mine did). Here is a simple way to speed up your career search. Written for BAs, MAs, and PhDs.  (more…)

How to Find a Career as a Humanities Major in 126 Days

The step-by-step guide to finding a career as a humanities major–designed for BA’s, MA’s, and PhD’s with zero work experience, little money, and the desire to live a productive, rewarding life. (more…)

Find a Job With No Experience–10 Utterly Practical Tips For English Majors


You have an English degree. No job experience. And little career direction. Here are 10 practical ways to find a job with no experience.  (more…)

The Ultimate Guide To Finding a Job as an English Major


Learn how to translate your English degree into a profitable skill-set. An interview with Michael Edmondson.

“Yes, it was one of my childhood dreams to be a professor. But then reality set in, and my family came along. And so I’m like well, guess what? I’m creating some more dreams because this isn’t what I wanted.” (more…)

Careers English Majors: Do You Make This Mistake When Selling Your English Degree to Employers?


Since writing the article below, I’ve created a long, detailed list of just about every job an English major can get. You can read this long list of over 35 jobs for English majors here

This article shows that professors often give English majors terrible advice about how to find a career with their English degree. The article offers a much more productive solution, helping English majors to invest their energy and ambition into their own skills and future.


How to Quit Your Job and Make the First Step to a New Career With Your M.A. or Ph.D.

To find a job with your English degree takes time, especially if you are career searching with a MA or PhD. This is my story about quitting my job and it shows you how aggressive action can help accelerate your ability to find Master’s and PhD jobs. (more…)