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How to Create a Blog That People Actually Read

A short guide to some principles writers should think about. Offers advice for turning your blog into something larger than a personal project. Not career advice, but a little writing break.


Creative Writing Tips From Novelist Michael LaRocca

Michael LaRocca, author of 8 novels, shares his favourite creative writing tips. Find out how to prepare for your first draft, what to do when the words don’t come, and whether writing rituals can help you write better.


How to Get Freelance Editing Jobs – An Interview With Michael LaRocca


This interview with Michael LaRocca, a published author and freelance editor, covers how to land freelance editing jobs, how to find your first editing client, and using your website to get work. Also covers how to make money editing from home, using some online marketplaces for editing jobs. (more…)

Jobs for English Majors: A Free 7-Week Email Course About Writing Effective, Traffic Attracting Online Content

This free course is about the practical techniques for writing “search-engine friendly” content. It will help you get more traffic for your website or blog and really is basic SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge that every contemporary writer should know.


Interview: How to Become an Editor


Looking for jobs for English majors? This is an interview about how to become an editor with Benjamin Lukoff, a former Music Editor at and published author. We talk about how to get your first editing job and discuss some ways that Ph.D.’s, M.A.’s and other English majors can get jobs in editing. (more…)

Want to break into editing? Post a question to former and Microsoft editor

Have a question about how to find a job with your English Ph.D. or MA in fields such as editing and content writing? I’d like your input for an upcoming interview on my blog.