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Earn a degree online? YES. And Why Higher Education Will Topple

Fifty years from now there will be only 10 institutions in the whole world that deliver higher education.

Sebastian Thrun, founder of a sky-rocketing digital university 

There is a higher education experiment happening right now that could topple traditional universities. For elite universities, the brand they have built might not be relevant in the near future. And the old stigma of earning a degree online will fade. This article overviews the digital shift in education that goes far beyond ‘offering courses online.’


How to NOT Find a Job With Your MA or PhD

On grad school admissions websites, they lie. They tell you how long it takes to complete the degree–Master’s degree one to two years; PhD, four to five years–but they never talk about the years of career limbo after you graduate.

For me, the longest year of career limbo was after I finished my Master’s degree and was accepted into a PhD program. I had planned on becoming a professor since I was 19. I had spent most of my free time and academic years working towards that goal. I spent the summers reading French literary theory, wrote academic papers in dirty little apartments, collected quotes from Augustine, Freud, Kierkegaard, and St. Paul in a thick journal, and never once took a work co-op or gained any practical work experience outside of my scholar-path.

After a year of deferring my PhD program drop-out, I finally sent the email and cut my self loose. I expected things to change fast. Find that first good job. Move on up with my life. But I had no job specific skills. Worse yet, I thought I had skills. I had an advanced degree! Those are valuable, right?


Just don't go down the Ph.D. Road

PhD Job Hell: An Open Letter to Thomas H. Benton A.K.A. William A. Pannapacker: How Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go Destroyed My PhD and Saved My Life


The PhD job crisis is often obscured and ignored by many professors. This is an article about Thomas H. Benton (AKA) William A. Pannapacker, who wrote several articles about why you shouldn’t do a PhD in the humanities.


Chances of finding a job with a Ph.D. in English: Or, Snow storms, the University of Toronto, and the Gloom and Doom of the Ph.D. Crisis in the Humanities

What are the chances of finding a job with a Ph.D. in English? Here are the prospects of finding a job with a Ph.D. in English as were given to me at a meeting designed to let students know whether getting a Ph.D. in the humanities was a wise career choice.